Frequently Asked Questions in Ear Nose Throat (ENT) and Head and Neck Surgery

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Noise-induced hearing loss: From causes to symptoms and prevention

Covid-19 has forced everyone, including kids, to attend meetings and classes on online platforms for almost 6-7 hours regularly. Many of us use earphones at high volume to compensate for environmental disturbances.

The collateral damage of Covid-19 pandemic is enormous and cannot be overlooked. Apart from the direct health injuries caused by the virus itself, the pandemic has forced people to stay confined to their houses, leading to a host of lifestyle-related health problems such as obesity, depression, etc. “Another major rising health concern has been noise-induced hearing loss due to the excessive use of earphones during online office meetings and classes,” said -Dr Santosh S, Consultant – ENT, head neck and skull base surgery at Columbia Asia Hospitals Hebbal – A unit of Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore Read More

Snoring and Mouth Breathing in Children

Children struggling to sleep and associated with snoring and mouth breathing ,usually have slow growth and poor feeding , commonly have significant Adenoids blocking the nose and post surgery the space is opened up. Children are relieved of the symptoms and spurt in the growth is seen . To continue reading......

Sudden Voice Change

Change in voice persisting for more than 2 weeks you need to seek medical attention as you could be having a growth on the vocal cord. Which needs Microlaryngeal surgery. To continue reading......

Other causes of Running Nose:

Not all running nose is a cold , it can be the fluid from the brain CSF coming from the nose .

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One sided cold in children

One sided cold / pus or foul smell coming from your child's nose. Keep in mind Foreign body nose , quite common in children. Photo shows button and a sponge in the nose and was endoscopically removed.

Fish Bone Stuck in the throat

Take care while feeding fish to children/ while eating fish , this a small child with a fish bone stuck in the throat. Endoscopic removal of the fish bone was done.

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