Common Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Related Disorders

Head and Neck Related Disorders


Head and neck surgery consists of diagnosis and treatment includes surgical procedures for head and neck cancers, thyroid nodules, malignant (cancerous) thyroid conditions and salivary gland diseases (Parotid , Sub-mandibular salivary gland ).


Skullbase - It's a complex and hidden area in the base or bottom of the skull . tumors or growth arise from this location and removal of these lesion is known as Skull base surgery .Usually it's an open surgery and involves a lot of morbidity to the patient . A new approach is advocated to gain access to the skull base is known as Minimally invasive skull base surgery, also called endoscopic skull base surgery. Usually, the approach is through the nose . Most common lesion is the Pituitary tumor , anterior skull base tumors and many more .....